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Meet Nadia

Nadia Khalil is a Soul Alignment Activator. She works with self-love as the tool to help Bridge People’s Souls Back To Them and reignite their innate childlike qualities of joy, wonder, creativity and love back into their adult life. Her teachings can guide any of us forward to a better life – rather than one based on fear, doubt, worry or constantly wondering how to live the life you dream of and want to live. Nadia is a distinguished book author, international radio show and podcast host, and teacher of self-love.

The Self-Love Inner Quest:

Unleashing Your Greatest Potential & Bridging Your Soul Back To You

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The series of moving stories, profound wisdom and Truths over the course of 8 weeks will awaken the joy and passion that is already within you to begin living the life you have always dreamed of.

Your soul is your access.
Allow me to be the bridge back to your soul.
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Original Love

A book of poems. This collection of timeless wisdom provides you with the practical guidance and thought provoking questions that will enable you to find, live, and share the Original Love with which you came to Earth.

Origins of Truth

A young Muslim woman starts hearing Jesus talking to her. What is she to do? Nadia, who didn’t even speak English until she was five years old, went with her heart and the floodgates of love and wisdom opened. This is not a how-to-do book. It is a how to-be-book.

Little Wing

The first book from Nadia Khalil Bradley, is an uplifting book of faith and hope. Written in the tradition of “Conversations with God,” “Seth Speaks,” and “A Course in Miracles”, “Little Wing,” is not a religious text, it is a book to us from God, and God is not a religion.

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Freedom to be your most authentic self

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Belief in yourself and confidence in your decisions

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Purpose, passion and the drive to pursue your dreams

A loving connectedness with others around you

“Self-love is the access to experience life at your fullest capacity.”

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