3 Ways to Be More Mindful

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3 Ways to Be More Mindful

Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. In this context, mindfulness means being aware of one’s own being and place in the world, and accepting oneself in a given moment. Indeed, mindfulness means being happy and comfortable with the moment you are in. In order to be mindful, one needs to recognize their thoughts, feelings, and even bodily sensations, such as breath.
Being more mindful is one of the techniques to developing a greater sense of inner peace, spirituality, and improved energy. However, being mindful isn’t always easy, and truly being mindful can take years’ worth of practice. Here are three ways that you can start being more mindful in your day to day life – however, remember that mindfulness is something you will need to work on over the course of your life.

1. Apply Mindfulness Concepts to Daily Routines

One thing that you can do to be more mindful is to apply the concept of mindfulness to your daily routine. For example, start trying to be more mindful as you do simple things, rather than only thinking about mindfulness during a certain part of your day. You can be mindful as you’re eating (Focus on how the food taste, feels on your tongue, how you feel as it enters your stomach, etc); walking (What do you see, smell, and hear? How do your feet feel as they hit the ground); or even while doing something like brushing your teeth (What do the bristles feel like on your teeth? How do you breathe as you’re brushing?)/

2. Practice Meditation

You can cultivate mindfulness by beginning to practice meditation on a daily basis. Meditation is something that you can learn in many different ways, including with the help of a life coach or meditation professional. There are also numerous apps and online resources that can be used to teach some meditation basics.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Be in Your Own Mind

You cannot embrace the concept of mindfulness if you are not comfortable being in your own mind and left with your own thoughts. Too many people are afraid of being alone in their own mind, and try to fill the void by constantly surrounding themselves with other people, music, television, and various other forms of entertainment. Start to spend more time with your brain on a regular basis, and don’t be intimidated by the idea of letting your thoughts wander.

Start Being More Mindful Today

Being mindful can be an important tool along your journey to self discovery and happiness. To learn more about mindfulness and guidance in reaching your true potential, reach out to Nadia today. Consultations can be scheduled online.