Breaking Up is Not How it Used to Be

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Breaking Up is Not How it Used to Be

A lot of people come and go in our lives. We always say some are meant to stay and some are meant to teach us something and yet others make such a huge impact on us that we will miss them forever.
We come and go. We meet people we want to stay with but we can’t. We are too different. Yet the love is there.I believe that one day, we will understand why some of us have to leave each other and why it feels so painful and makes the world feel¬†harsh for a while.

Yet regretting, saying things are mistakes, blaming others, it is the most fruitless way to think of partings.

Partings in truth are us growing.

If we leave angry or wanting to hurt the person we loved and shared life with, we will not be able to go on which is the whole reason of parting.

When we get mad at our ex’s, putting them down, making it seem like they were so bad when years before they could have done no wrong, does not help you out at all.

Leave with the love you walked in with.

Stay in the love that you know you were capable of having so that you can see that you simply both outgrew each other.

If a relationship is not right for one of you, it is not right for both of you.

Blaming the person for growing, or your own growth is like punishing someone for something they cannot help.

Not slamming the door allows your soul and theirs to find the light of you’re meeting rather than to live with the unresolved pain we all got used to living with.

We have grown in all ways and now it is time to use that growth for good.

We will meet people, and we will know, only in invested time if they are someone who is truly in tune to us or not.

You, yourself do not need to be with someone who is not invested in the relationship and they do not need to be with someone who is not committed to them fully without question.

If you’re too different, you’re too different.

If you get along on the major issues then you do.

Trust the weeding out process, even though it takes time to do so, you are rewarded with the lessons that grow your soul.

You are on your way.