Compassion For Your Soul

Compassion For Your Soul

Give yourself space.
Give yourself time.
Give your heart love.

Tell your soul you will listen to it.
Tell your body you will not hurt it.
Tell you choices you are glad you made them.
Tell your thoughts that they can only stay if they serve you well.

Answer your souls asking.
Answer your life with your actions.
Answer your actions by acknowledging your outcomes.

Ask of yourself bigger questions.
Ask your excuses to turn themselves into projects.
Ask your projects to give you a process.
Ask your process to give you structure.
Ask of your structure to be open to changes.
Ask your changes that you worked for that you accept them.

Accepting this moment in your heart will lead you.
Leading your mind, your soul, your body, only you can do.
And you can.
And you will.
Accept this moment, this day, this point in your life and your tomorrows will also be accepted by you.

God Bless.
~   ~   ~
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