Why Is Effective Communication So Important for Your Personal Success and Happiness?

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Why Is Effective Communication So Important for Your Personal Success and Happiness?

When it comes to your relationships with others, there is one thing that will have a stronger effect on the success and health of those relationships than nearly anything else: communication. And communication isn’t just important in romantic and intimate relationships, but also for workplace and professional relationships. Indeed, being able to communicate your ideas, needs, and contributions is critical.
Unfortunately, however, too many people aren’t skilled communicators, and don’t know how to communicate effectively or succinctly.

Why Effective Communication Should Be a Focal Point

If you’re not able to express yourself in a precise and concise manner, you’re not as effective of a communicator as you could be.  A fantastic article published by the Australian Institute of Business explains that the benefits of effective communication include:

  • Builds and maintains relationships;
  • Inspires and facilitates innovation;
  • Helps to create an effective team;
  • Is critical for management of employees;
  • Ensures transparency;
  • Contributes to growth of an organization; and
  • Provides clarity and direction – people don’t have to guess what you want or what is to be done.

While these benefits are business- and professional-oriented, they apply equally to one’s personal life. Being able to express how you feel or state explicitly what you need is critical for healthy relationships, and can mitigate drama and uncertainty that those in relationships often experience.
When you are a more effective communicator, you are able to honestly and openly state your feelings, ideas, problems, suggestions, and tell your “story.” This allows for you to live a more authentic version of yourself, leading to more self-awareness and happiness.

How to Improve Your Ability to Communicate

Improving your ability to communicate takes work, but it’s work that is well-worth it and will ultimately improve your professional and personal life. Some tips for enhancing your communication skills include:

  • Practice beforehand. If you have an idea that you want to communicate, whether it’s with your spouse or your boss, practice explaining your point beforehand. Is what you’re saying easy to follow? Is it concise? Is your point obvious from the beginning? Do you keep it short and straightforward?


  • Have a clear starting and ending place. Write down the main point or points that you want to communicate. How does one go with the other? If what you’re saying doesn’t have a clear starting and ending place (and checkpoints along the way), your listener will either become bored or lost, or distracted by whatever else is included that isn’t important.


  • Know your audience. One of the most important things to think about when you’re communicating is to whom you’re speaking. Even if you’re speaking with someone you have an intimate relationship with, knowing your audience is still critical. Knowing your audience means knowing what information they’re looking for, their likes and dislikes, and how they receive information. For example, if you know your spouse loves to watch show xyz at 5:30 on Wednesday nights, 5:15 that night may not be the best time to hit them with a new piece of information.

Effective Communication Can Get You Far in Life

Don’t underestimate the power of effective communication. Those who can communicate effectively are often held in higher regard by their peers and superiors, and may have a greater understanding of their own needs and how to get what they want in life.
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