I Fell Short of my Goal. Now What?

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I Fell Short of my Goal. Now What?

Stop right there. You set a goal and you worked toward it. That, in itself, says a lot about your motivation to change your life for the better. Many people are too intimidated by change to even set goals or too lazy to put in any effort to make changes. Even though you didn’t reach your goal, you’re closer to it now than you were when you first identified it. That’s an achievement you should be proud of.
But you set your goal for a reason, and failing to meet it can be a real bummer. Now’s the time to recognize how close you are to the goal now and what you can do to reach it.

Recognize How Far you Got

Don’t beat yourself up for not reaching your goal. Even if you made a little bit of progress toward it, you made progress and showed yourself that you are capable of setting and working toward goals. Getting caught up in blaming yourself or other people will only keep you from reaching your goal.

Determine Why you Fell Short of your Goal

Maybe your goal was unrealistic and there was no way you could have actually reached it in the time you gave yourself. If your goal was to lose 100 pounds in six months, you set a lofty goal that most people can’t realistically reach. If you recognize that your goal was unrealistic, be kind to yourself and set a new goal based on what you can realistically do. Maybe losing 50 pounds in six months is more feasible.
If your goal wasn’t unrealistic, look at other reasons why you fell short. Maybe personal stress  kept you from focusing on the goal, or maybe you simply didn’t prioritize it as much as it needed to be prioritized. Reaching goals takes work. Once you figure out how to reorganize your life to make it easier for you to reach your goal, it’s time to get to work.

Set New Goals for yourself and Work Hard Toward Them

Your new goal might be an adjusted outcome or your original outcome on a different timeline. With your new goal in mind, make the lifestyle changes you identified you need to make in order to start moving closer to it. You might have to:

  • Cut out certain distractions;
  • Change your diet;
  • Change your sleep schedule;
  • Put yourself in social situations that initially feel awkward;
  • Change how you interact with others in your life; or
  • Make a big change, like moving or changing jobs.

Surrounding yourself with a supportive network will help you reach your goal.

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