Improving Your Energy, Health, and Sense of Peace through the Right Light

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Improving Your Energy, Health, and Sense of Peace through the Right Light

Healing your mind, body, and soul is a massive undertaking, especially as if you feel as though you’re light years away from who you truly are, and as though success, happiness, and a sense of peace are all out of reach. While these feelings can be frustrating and discouraging, it is important to know that change is possible for you.
There are many things that may contribute to a greater sense of wellbeing. Today, our focus is going to be on that of light and nature.

The Effect that the Right (and the Wrong) Light Has On Our Health and Wellbeing

Your probably don’t spend too much time thinking about the type of light you’re exposed to on a daily basis, or when that exposure occurs. But studies show that the human lifestyle change to constant artificial light exposure is having serious negative effects on our wellbeing. Indeed, artificial lighting can prevent us from sleeping and make us sick, as explained by an article in Nature. The European Commission further explains that exposure to artificial light not only creates the risk of harm to skin and eyes, but also disrupts hormones and the natural clock of the human body, leading to various health problems. In fact, lights that are typically touted as being more environmentally friendly (like LEDs and compact fluorescent lamps) “play a role in a wide range of diseases.”
An article published by Harvard Medical School confirms the above, stating that exposure to artificial blue light, like the type of light that is emitted by electronics, is linked to a number of conditions ranging from depression to diabetes.
Exposure to natural light, on the other hand, is hugely beneficial for human health. Our bodies were designed to operate based on the rhythms of the earth, and our sleep-wake cycles are based on the natural cycle of the sun and daylight. Aligning yourself more with this natural pattern, and embracing the unique connection that all life shares with nature, can have very positive effects.

Being in Nature Can Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

One thing that you can do to combat the negative effects of artificial light exposure and add more clarity and peace to your life is to spend more time in nature. Not only will natural light exposure help to regulate your sleep schedule and hormone production, but being in nature has also been associated with improved memory, greater mental energy, reduced inflammation, stress relief, improved vision, enhanced concentration, sharper thinking, and may even have cancer-reducing effects.

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