What To Look For In Our Lives

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What To Look For In Our Lives

As our vulnerabilities unfold and reveal our next adventure, our lives can accept them and if we accept them, we will know what to look for in our lives.
Our vulnerabilities are the parts of us that want to grow us into the strength of ourselves.
If we put our vulnerabilities on hold, our lives will listen to our decision and hold everything until we are ready to see.

There is no rush for us to face everything all at once.

We know when we are ready. The internal conflicts begin when we know we are ready and we put ourselves off. ┬áThat is when we start to fight ourselves and then one day, we say, “Hey, what do I have to lose, I will try”

What does trying look like?

Trying looks like us when the answer doesn’t matter, yet the efforts to see ourselves does.
Trying looks like us saying, “I know this is hard for me, and I may not like it at first, but I am going to push myself in those times with trust that I will be OK.”
Trying is when we tell our soul, “I will do right by you, that is my best.”
Trying is not allowing any excuse to give us a way out, yet finding every reason to keep trying until we can see ourselves more.
We can be both, the one who loves us and the one who receives our love.
Every change is a million baby steps. Giving ourselves a break is the first step.
Nadia Khalil