Do You Feel The Need To Control Love?

Do You Feel The Need To Control Love?

Love is not a thing. Yes, it is an emotion and that calls it something, however, love is not shown with body nor words, love is felt only. The stems of love come from trust, safety in growth, and trust again. When trust is pierced love is injured. Injured love brings about behaviors in souls that they do not know how to account for fully, since they may not know the stems of their loss of trust that brings about second-guessing love.

You see, souls at times, test love to see if it will withstand us. Love is not a thing to be tested. Love simply is. When it is pushed and prodded it responds with pushes and prods. It is simply reflective of the soul who is living it in the ways in which it is understood to them. There is not a surprise that your current partner or any partner, for the partner of choice is irrelevant, you will have the same outcome as long as you are the same stimulus.

You see, our love, on Earth the struggles to live in love are complex as a soul is willing to take on or as simple as a soul is willing to take on. If you are confused, you will have confusing relationships, if you are feeling at peace, you will as well have a relationship that is of peace. You will bring to your surroundings what you live within yourself. So you may at this point be asking yourself why you are making such a complex deal about simple loving.

Ego and Soul can never combine. You can not work with your ego and pretend it is your soul speaking. Love is from the soul and ego has a way of taking away from souls in ways they can not comprehend, nor do they recognize when the ego is involved. You may believe you have the purest of intent, however, it is not if you expect from others what YOU expect from them without considering them and their feelings. As you walk away for YOUR reasons and come back for YOUR reasons the other person will start feeling left out of the equation. And when you go back and explain why you have done what you have done, it is for YOUR cleansing. If you did not feel the need to do that to clean YOURSELF up, you would not have gone back to ease the other person’s hurts and pains.

As you discover your own hurts, instead of it joining the two of you together, it is back to you not feeling like you deserve love and you start testing the person to a point that they could truly do no right and then you find yourself needing to leave, or being left. When a soul is not with you you respect them, because then you think they are right on and they did not buy what you were selling, since you were not sure what it is your selling and when they go away from you, you respect them again, want them again, for then you will feel normalized to have gained them again and you can feel like you still have it. It is not about love, it is about control, and keeping a balance between your ego and your soul. On Earth, there is no balance between ego and soul. It will vacillate you until you are endless with reasons why. There are no real reasons why.

Ego is not detailed in reasons, it is detailed in derailments. Your soul is your guide. Jumping in without fear of what it will mean if you will get hurt if you are already hurt, it is innocent in its venture. You see pure intent is the key. One ounce of pure intent or pure love will overcome every obstacle provided it is pure. It is when you go and seek love without needing anything in return from it. You don’t need recognition. Or the other person responding to you in any way. That you are clean with your intentions. You see, when your intentions are clear to your soul, it is not the result of any action that matters, it is the process and the joy of living in the moments.

Pure intent does not mind so much about time, about where anything is coming or going, it is simply the truth of the moment. Pure intended moments are the moments all humans remember throughout their lifetimes. All others are quickly forgotten or over analyzed. What you can not see, due to over thinkments of your actions and that is the clouded feeling of feeling like you are missing something. What you are missing is not a factor that you did not figure this all out.

Love is not to be figured out. Love is lived. Love is speaking and letting go. Living and letting others live as well. Not as you want them to, however as they would like to and sharing that. Love is the greatest reflection of how we all see the world and how we think it should be. However, shoulds in anything means those are the things not happening, and all that is happening gets unnoticed because of the shoulds. There are no shoulds. Again and again, love is simply living in the day, in the moment in your truth with another. That is love. There is not control attributed in that sentence nor is it attributed in any other fashion of love.