What is about self love that scares us most?

A person walks to see a life coaching speaker

What is about self love that scares us most?

Self loves means that you have to look at your life objectively. That is not an easy thing to do nor is it something most of us even think about or know what to do. Self love is so bullet proof that advertisers and anyone selling anything that begins to peck at our insecurities and spur them into actions, stops self love from being spoken about, put into formats of how to love ourselves and it has gone so far as to tell us that self love is ego.
In truth, self love is the complete opposite of ego. We do need our egos or we would not know how or have the incentive and will to overcome the insecurities that we carry or not even aware yet that we have.

So why Self Love and better, why Self Love now?

Self love is your survival in living yourself without the imaginary added pressures that we add on to protect the insecurities that we are aware of or not. We are not machines. We do not know what we do not know, however we must carry on in our days and work, take care of ourselves, take care of our children, our parents. We give our friends time, our personal selves time, we have a lot of ways to go throughout one day in our lives.
So how do we choose what goes in our days and why do we choose those things? Why do we put some things off and other things we cannot wait to do? What decisions are yours to make and what decisions do you think are yours to make and are not yours to make at all? What does any of this have to do with Self love?
So let’s start by saying that self love is something we are born with. We know from the beginning how to live, what to learn to live and with or without anyone, we suck our mothers breasts for milk and we know how to do it. They call it the sucking reflex. Truly it is us naturally knowing what to do. We start to turn over in our beds as we grow. With or without help. We learn to sit up and then we know instinctively to crawl, to lift our bodies up to hold on to something and then we start to walk one step at a time. We put things in our mouths, if they taste good we keep on going and if it does not taste good we spit it out. We are amazing already. We learn the most in our entire lives from 0 to 18 months.
Who is the original you and how can your life benefit from you going back to knowing your purpose and having your capabilities take you to your dreams of how you know your life can be. Self love is the key.
With all my Love,