What Will You Resolve to Do in 2018?

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What Will You Resolve to Do in 2018?

New Year’s may be over, but if you haven’t quite figured out what you’ll resolve to do over the course of 2018, don’t worry – it’s not too late. In fact, we think that resolving to do something is a pretty big deal, and therefore something that you should think long and hard about before rushing into.

What Does the Word “Resolve” Really Mean?

When we think about the word “resolve,” it is most often being used in the context of fixing or solving something, such as a problem or challenge. Depending on your circumstances, you may very well need to resolve something in your life this year.
The other definition of the world resolve–and how it is most commonly used when talking about New Year’s resolutions–is to “decide firmly on a course of action.” As a noun, it means a “firm determination to do something.” Clearly, when used in different contexts, resolve can mean many different things. Reflect for a minute on your life and your goals for the upcoming year – which definition applies most to you?

Your Resolution Should Be Something that Matters

If you’re struggling to find clarity as it pertains to setting a New Year’s resolution, you should start by thinking about something that matters to you. Things that tend to matter most to people include:

  • Family;
  • Friends and relationships;
  • Health;
  • Career/success;
  • Personal ambition; and
  • Money.

In fact, if your resolution lacks passion, there is a good chance that you won’t accomplish it. Unfortunately, many of us don’t set resolutions that we truly care about, because a fear of not accomplishing what we want most hold us back. Fear can be a serious hindrance to goal-setting.
Besides resolving to do something that matters to you, another approach to take is to resolve to fix something that is impairing you, harming you, or holding you back in some way. For example, if your efficiency, energy, health, and happiness are being curtailed by your lack of sleep, and your lack of sleep is being caused by a stressful job, you should resolve to find a solution to this problem. That might be a new approach to your job or how you manage stress, working with an expert, or even changing jobs.

Whatever You Do, Make It Count

Everything you do should be done with intent and with passion. If you’re resolving to do something in 2018, take it seriously and really make it count. Otherwise, you are wasting your time and your energy, which could be diverted to other areas of your life.
To learn more about resolutions and how to become the best version of yourself, reach out to Nadia Khalil, California personal life coach today. You can contact Nadia by filling out the online contact form found here today.