How to Set Goals that are Realistic, Meaningful and Attainable

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How to Set Goals that are Realistic, Meaningful and Attainable

The biggest let down of the new year for people often isn’t the New Year’s celebration itself–which is characterized by bubbly, fireworks, and friends and family–but the days following New Year’s Day, when people start to slip on their brand new New Year’s resolutions. If this sounds like you, consider this:
You don’t just have to make New Year’s resolutions on New Year’s; you can create goals, and put a plan of action in place to accomplish those goals, at any point during your life.
As such, here are some tips for setting goals that are realistic, meaningful, and attainable. If you need to rework your New Year’s resolutions after reading this, go right ahead!

Goals that Are Meaningful

The first thing to focus on when goal-setting is to make sure that the goal you want to pursue is actually meaningful to you – not to your spouse, your best friend, your kids, or whomever else, but to YOU. If you don’t care about your goal, you can be certain that there is no way you’re going to make it through an entire year without deviating from it. In order to achieve anything in this life, a person must want the thing that they’re working towards. Take some time to reflect on the things that are most important to you, your values, and your personal ambitions. Write it down if need be. That should give you a good jumping off place for setting your goals.

Goals that Are Realistic

Now, while passion should definitely be a priority, you also don’t want to let your head get too far into the clouds. For example, if you have decided that health is something that really matters to you, that’s fantastic, but resolving to do an Iron Man triathlon in 2018 might be pushing the limit of reality, especially if you can’t remember the last time that you exercised (or enjoyed it). Rather than making your goal so monumental, tone it down to something that is equally as important but much more doable. For example, your goal could be to have a salad for lunch four times a week, and to exercise for 30 minutes a day. The more realistic your goals, the more likely you are to accomplish them.

Goals that Are Attainable

For goals to really be attainable, they must be both meaningful and realistic, as discussed above. There must also be strategy behind your goals, which means putting a plan in place as soon as you create a goal. To make sure your goal is attainable:

  • Break your big goal up into smaller goals;
  • Create deadlines and a time limit (don’t just give yourself a whole year with no deadlines before that to accomplish something); and
  • Create a system of accountability. One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable for something is to get others involved, so consider enlisting a friend or loved one to help you reach your goals.

How Are Your Goals Going?

As you move into January and the rest of 2018, don’t panic if you deviate from your goals or are feeling a little lost along the way. If you need help, reach out to California life coach Nadia Khalil for a consultation today. Nadia is an experienced goal-setter and go-getter who knows how to achieve what she sets her mind to, and help others to do the same.