Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

About Nadia Khalil

NADIA is a distinguished book author, international radio show host, private life coach, and teacher of self-love, with dynamic experience inspiring varied audiences, such as church groups, corporations, book clubs, etc.

She is a Teacher of Love and Confidant of Truth. Nadia works with Self Love and Soul Alignment to build an achievable life plan. Her teachings can guide any of us forward to a better life – rather than one based on fear, doubt, worry or constantly wondering how to live the life you dream of and want to live.

Nadia began having experiences that she ultimately recognized as conversations with Christ. They were so powerful that she began recording them in a journal. Her writings are taken from those experiences.

About Christ: Christ is an Angel of Love. His purpose is to show us love in its infinite forms. He has the ability to come to us and influence us when love is in danger. He comes back to Earth to help us remember our essence and our soul’s purpose. Christ is very funny, warm and loving. He’s gentle, patient and allows everyone the room to grow at their own pace.

Through her books, writings, radio shows, and speaking engagements, she takes your soul on a journey of self-discovery that will ultimately lead you to live in a state of utmost Truth, Love and Purity.

Nadia has written three books, Little Wing, Origins of Truth, and Original Love. She has published various articles and regularly speaks to groups about her experiences. Nadia is also the proud mother of two children, a daughter who works in Television Production and a son, Tarki El Abour, the first autistic professional baseball player in history.

Website: www.nadiakhalil.com
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