Spending Time Caring for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Spending Time Caring for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

You’re a busy person. You work hard every day, and in addition to your day job, you are also responsible for numerous other tasks and stressors, whether they be related to family, personal goals or ambitions, relationships, or other projects.
The fact that you have so much on your plate probably means that you don’t have a lot of extra time for all the good stuff, especially caring for your mind, body and soul. Indeed, while you may be “healthy” in that you squeeze in a workout and get your greens, do you really take the time to care for yourself like you should? Like you deserve?
The most likely answer is no – the vast majority of people don’t focus on self-care like they should. However, neglecting yourself overtime can take a very large toll on your energy and sense of wellbeing. Here are some tips for caring for your mind, body, and soul–

Set Aside the Time

One of the largest barriers to self care is time; again, we know that you’re busy. Remember that you are the caretaker of your mind, body, and soul – no one else is going to do this for you, which means that if you don’t schedule the time, no one else is going to either. You should prioritize setting aside time for self care as much as you can. At least two minutes per day for meditation, and more time on a weekly or monthly basis.
One thing that can help you to determine how much time you should set aside for self care may be to figure out how much self care you are currently providing. Ask yourself what you have already done today that feels inspiring, nourishing, and supportive of your health and joy. If you cannot answer the question, more self care time is essential.

Remember the Trifecta: Mind, Body, and Soul

Just caring for one part of the puzzle that comprises your wellbeing will throw you off balance, so as you start to spend more time caring for yourself, remember that mind, body, and soul are important. Some things that you can do that will help feed each different area of wellbeing include:
Get outside. Getting outside has a number of benefits, and can improve your physical and your mental wellbeing. Many people feel very connected to nature and the earth while outdoors, also helping to nourish your soul.
Get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep is a major part of feeling good and taking care of yourself. If you are not sleeping enough, changing this should be a top priority.
Eat well and exercise. Eating well and exercising is not just good for you physically, but can improve your overall wellbeing.
Do things that you love and bring you joy. You should be doing things that you love, bring you joy, and make you feel full as often as you can. This can range from listening to music, enjoying art, spending time with family, and dozens of other things. Just make sure it is something that you’re doing for you.

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Another step along the path to caring for your mind, body, and soul may be working with a professional who can help you to explore different types of stress management and relaxation therapies, as well as help you discover the path in life that is right for you. If you want to learn more about feeding your mind, body, and soul, reach out to Nadia to schedule a personalized consultation today.