Self-Love Inner Quest:

Learn How To Access Your Fullest Potential & Lead a Life of Joy, Passion and Purpose Through Building The Bridge To Your Soul.

with Soul Connection Activator and Self-Love Teacher, Nadia Khalil

Joy is the compass towards our Soul.

Do you feel like you have done everything that you were “supposed to do”?

Have you followed the “roadmap of success” already laid out for you?

You worked hard to get the secure and stable job.

You got married and had kids.

You acquired the nice cars, the nice house, and all the nice things that promised to make you feel accomplished, make you feel successful, make you feel happy.

Yet, in the never ending chase of acquiring and achieving more, you are left feeling more and more unexplainably empty and ultimately unhappy and unfulfilled.

When we are lacking our innate sense of childlike joy, we are separate
from our Soul. Your inner world forms the blueprint back to your Soul,
and joy becomes the compass leading you towards it.

Signs that you are living
from your Soul:

You trust your intuition and your ability to make decisions that best serve you.

You have a clear sense of what your purpose is and have the passion to pursue it.

You form meaningful and deep connections with others that are rooted in love.

There is a sense of ease, flow and peace moving through life.

You find joy and excitement in seemingly mundane tasks.

Self-love becomes a state of being, not an event that you participate in.

You handle challenges with more ease (and see them as simply learning opportunities!).

You are unafraid to set healthy boundaries and say “no”.

You operate from a place of Pure Love and Pure Intent.

You release feelings of blame, shame, guilt, judgment, fear and worry.

You create access to abundance in wealth, health and joy.

You experience a subtle peace in being yourself.

You don’t take yourself too seriously and you laugh. A lot.

Are you making decisions from a place
of “Pure Love” or “Injured Love”?

Imagine you had a series of steps that you could follow that could give you deep insight into the unloved, unhealed and hurt aspects of yourself that drive your decision making and in turn, your life.

You are a reservoir of infinite wisdom and you already have all of the tools to regain access to your innate state of being.

Think of your innate state of being as your childlike self before anyone ever told you no. Your natural state is one that is driven by joy, full of curiosity and energy and unafraid to give and receive love.

Using the “3 Pillars of the Soul: Truth, Love & Purity” as the three main access points to Bridging Your Soul Back To You, you will begin to gain insight into the original wounds and how they are working hard at keeping you from having the life you imagined for yourself.

Are you always in relationships with a partner that doesn’t see your value?

Your Love could
be pierced.

Do you feel like you are constantly being lied to and have a difficult time believing in your loved ones’ good intentions?

Your Truth was most
likely pierced at a
young age.

Or maybe, you mostly feel great but have unusual spurts of childlike anger or fits that you can’t explain?

We need to look at how
your Purity, or
innocence, was pierced.

The 3 Pillars of the Soul: Truth, Love and Purity are at the center of our lives and with the right tools, you can gain insight into your self and how to Go Back to The Fork In The Road and Repave It With Love.

This is what the Self-Love Inner Quest is about.

It is using simple but effective tools that identify the spaces where wounds live that have created a separation between you and your soul. You and your innate state of being. You and your childlike self.

Nadia acts as a reminder system with a laser focus in the Quest so you can begin to live a life driven by passion, purpose and happiness.

Perfection is Love

The only mission is the pursuit of love.

Your only true job is to cultivate love within yourself because it is only from this space that we are able to receive love from other people and cultivate sustainable joy in our relationships to other people, our work, and our environment.

A sustainable transformation does not happen with fireworks or lighting. It is not a big event that shakes your entire foundation and leaves you to pick up the pieces to build again. Those transformations happen, but they are often not sustainable.

The true transformation happens when the fuel that is firing your every decision is self-love – a deep connection to your center, to your soul, to the limitless abilities that are innate within you.

There is big business in you
disliking yourself.

Billion dollar industries have been created that continue to only feed on your insecurities.
They offer quick solutions and quick fixes to a problem that goes way beyond the surface.

In this program, you will not only dive deep into your old wounds and be able to identify your insecurities, but you will learn the tools to turn your vulnerabilities into your most prized assets and your greatest gifts.

It is using simple but effective tools that identify the spaces where wounds live that have created a separation between you and your soul. You and your innate state of being. You and your childlike self.

Highlights include:

Using the 3 Pillars of the Soul to pinpoint the original wounds and gain clarity into the recurring patterns in your life today.

Unleashing the power of Self Accounting as your direct access highway to your soul.

Identifying and learning to Go Back to The Fork In the Road and Repave it With Love in order to retell your story in an empowered way.

About Nadia Khalil

Distinguished book author, international radio show host, private life coach, and teacher of Self-Love, Nadia Khalil has inspired and transformed a number of varied audiences, such as church groups, corporations, book clubs and many more.

Nadia Khalil is a Soul Alignment Activator.

In the last 17 years, her teachings have guided tens of thousands of people forward to a better life, a purpose driven life – rather than one based on fear, doubt, worry, control or guilt.

She is an American-Palestinian, born in Chicago and raised Muslim. Her first language was Arabic and her first English lessons came through her American babysitter. As an adult, Nadia began having experiences that she ultimately recognized as conversations with Christ. They were so powerful that she began recording them in a journal. Her writings are taken from those experiences.

The first time, Nadia saw Christ, she was having dinner at a restaurant. She felt a warm, calming breeze and all she could see was pure white light and the outline of a face in that light. The face in the light identified itself as Christ and told her that her purpose here on Earth is to “Bridge people’s souls back to them.”

Through her books, writings, radio shows and speaking engagements, she takes your soul on a journey of self-discovery that will ultimately lead you to live in a state of utmost Truth, Love and Purity. Nadia has written three books, Little Wing, Origins of Truth and Original Love in which she talks about her conversations with Christ. She has also published various articles and regularly speaks to a variety of audiences about her experiences.

What You’ll Experience When
You Bridge Your Soul Back To You

Healing Old Wounds: Through the powerful tool of self accounting you will be able to gain deep clear insight into your old traumas and experience sustainable healing.

Confidence in Your Choices: A resonant soul connection gives you direct access to the choices that are best for you which minimizes and removes negative feelings of the past or the future.

Subtle Inner Peace: You experience a calmness and steadiness of emotions because you engage with life from a space of knowingness that it is all your masterful creation.

Connection with Self & Others: Your relationships will change. People that are able to meet you at the level of love you hold for yourself will surround you, and those that do not will naturally fall away. This makes space for deep connections based on Pure Love and Pure Intent.

Clarity of Purpose: You will experience fulfillment in your work because you will have crystal clarity of your passion and innate gifts to the world.

Childlike Joy: You will be in a state of carefree curiosity and freely give and receive love to yourself and others.

Freedom to be Yourself: The biggest gift you can give the world is your authentic self. You will gain clarity into who you truly are and have the confidence to powerfully express that.

What You’ll Learn in
The Self-Love Inner Quest

The Self-Love Inner Quest is not simply a series of lectures and teachings.

It may be true that the basis of the program is a reminder and remembering of your abilities to create the life you truly desire through an exploration of resonant Truths.

However, this program is much more than that.

Each week, (for 8 weeks) for approximately 30 minutes to 60 minutes, you are being activated.

You are being shown and reminded of your innate nature of being and given the direction, guidance and support to bring yourself back to wholeness.

You are the only one capable of healing yourself.

This program has been created to take you through a step-by-step transformation that begins to build the bridge back to your soul.

WEEK 1: 3 Pillars of the Soul – Love:

How Your Love Was Pierced & Identifying and Healing Wounded Love


We begin the program with Love and we end with Love because this is central to all of our lives. We begin by discovering the tools that guide you inwards into your subconscious mind and give you access to Go Back to The Fork In The Road where your Love was initially injured. Learn how to Repave It With Love and end the cycles of attracting and giving Injured Love.

Highlights include:

>> Identifying whether you are operating from a place of Injured Love or Pure Love
>> Going back to the Fork In The Road and Repaving it with Love
>> Releasing old wounds around Injured Love
>> Learning to communicate with yourself in an empowering way in order to heal

WEEK 2: 3 Pillars of the Soul – Truth:

How Your Truth Was Injured & The Effects of a Lie


What happens when we get lied to? What happens when we lie? As beings that are hardwired to the Truth, straying from the Truth affects us and those around us deeply. We dive deep in understanding how and where the original wounds around trust were first formed, and learn the tools to create relationships based on Truth with ourselves and with others.

Highlights include:

>> Identifying the ways in which you are lying to yourself and how that affects every relationship around you
>> How lies affect emotional intimacy
>> Understanding the concept of Energy Exchange in Truth and Lying
>> Strengthening your intuition by creating belief in yourself

WEEK 3: 3 Pillars of the Soul – Purity:

How Your Innocence Was Violated & Coming Back To Wholeness in Adulthood


This week, we discover ways in which our innocence was pierced during childhood. We explore how going through trauma at a young age stunts our childlike abilities to be free and joyous, and we begin to engage with our inner child through interactive exercises to bring ourselves to wholeness. If you lost a parent, were a victim of abuse or molestation, or simply underwent an experience that you were too young to understand, this week you will gain great clarity in overcoming this pain that you might still be carrying.

Highlights include:

>> Identifying and releasing the victim story of your past and reframing the narrative to include the gifts that it gave you today
>> Return Back Their Pain: a powerful exercise to heal the piercing in your innocence
>> Exercises to heal old trauma at 3 points in our childhood in order to experience the childlike freedom we have gotten so far away from

WEEK 4: Unpacking Through Self-Accounting:

The Roadmap To Your Inner World & Your Ultimate Truth


This is the most important week of the entire program because this is the tool that will allow you to consciously move through each week and Build a Bridge Back To Your Soul. Self-accounting is the highway access into your soul, and this week we discover effective ways to use this tool as a part of your every day.

Highlights include:

>> Tapping into your innate state of wisdom and becoming confident in your decisions
>> Presence of mind while you are in the moment: learning not to act on emotional impulses, rather respond from a deeper sense of knowing yourself
>> Gaining access to your Truth and using that wisdom to experience harmonious relationships

WEEK 5: Understanding & Identifying Ego:

Using Filter Questions To Recognize The Voices of Ego


Fear. Doubt. Worry. Control. Guilt. These are the doors in which ego creeps through and takes over our consciousness. This week, we will learn to identify when ego is running the show, how that affects you and how to gently switch back to the voice that serves your highest purpose, your soul.

Highlights include:

>> Ego as a teaching tool, not a destination
>> Using Filter Questions to recognize the voice of ego in the forms of fear, doubt, worry, control and guilt
>> Learning to talk back to ego and regaining access to your best voice

WEEK 6: Being Kind & Gentle With Yourself

Alchemizing Your Pain Into Gifts Through Self-Compassion & Forgiveness


This week we use the power of story to shift our perspective. Nadia shares stories that remind you of the power of having compassion for ourselves, and in turn for others. This leads us to forgiveness which is an unavoidable step in experiencing a profound transformation. This is a challenging topic for most because forgiveness is much simpler to talk about than it is to put into action. This week, we will use the Going Back To The Fork In The Road and Repaving it With Love tool to change the story of our past and begin to experience the freedom of forgiveness.

Highlights include:

>> Speaking from your Soul: learning the language of compassion for harmonious relationships (with self & others)
>> Changing your past by learning to reframe the way we look at it through granting yourself forgiveness.
>> Exercises in extending forgiveness to others for the gifts that they gave you.

WEEK 7: Self-Love Principles:

The Bridge To Your Greatest Asset – Your Soul


This is where we take everything we have learned from the prior weeks, and bring it all together to make Self-Love a part of our identity. We discover what Self-Love is not and practice exercises in changing our perception that gives us access to an unshakable love for ourselves, uninterrupted by external forces.

Highlights include:

>> Unpacking your stories of self-worth and how you have been taught to feel about yourself
>> Practising a simple yet powerful Self-Love exercise to transform the voice of ego.
>> Self-Love as an ongoing relationship, not an event.

WEEK 8: Bridging Your Soul Back To You:

Living From Your Soul This Point Forward


Truths, wisdom, stories and tools to shift your awareness to align with the life you want to live. In this week, we talk about how to make transformation a part of your everyday experience, outside of these 8 weeks and outside of this program.

Highlights include:

>> The roadmap of Self-Love over time – the changes you can expect in your work, relationships and lifestyle and how to move through them with ease.
>> Tools in re-centering yourself when you find yourself in old patterns.
>> The Language of the Soul: maintaining an open and loving communication with yourself.

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Frequently Asked

How long do I have access to the course?

You get lifetime access to the Self-Love Inner Quest. You are free to work through the program at your own pace and revisit each week as many times as you like. We recommend to do the program a few times a year, or even once a year. Each time you hear the series of Truths in each video, you will gain deeper and clearer insight. As you work to uncover the blocks, you will create more space for new wisdom to reach you.

How exactly does the Self-Love Inner Quest work?

Over the last 17 years, Nadia has worked with tens of thousands of clients in guiding them through a sustainable transformation that gives them access to more fulfillment and purpose in their life. This 8-week self paced program is intended to mimic the transformation process that each of her clients have experienced through working with Nadia over the years. It is important to follow the program in the way it is outlined as each week builds the bridge back to your soul.

This program is a series of universal Truths that resonate deeply that open up your awareness. This is not something that can be undone. Once you hear the Truth, you are forever changed. With the guidance of Nadia and the support of the community, you will have greater and clearer awareness into the Original You. The transformation that follows is inevitable.

What is included with the course?

You get lifetime access to 8 30minute-60minute video teachings accompanied by the Self-Love Workbook with 8 exercises for deeper insight into your Soul. Along with this, you will receive exclusive email teachings and access to the Self-Love facebook community for support.

When does the Self-Love Inner Quest begin?

This is a self-paced program. Once you purchase the program, you will receive email communication with next steps in accessing each week. You will begin with Week 1, and receive updates each week following reminding you to complete the upcoming week along with the exercises pertaining to that week. Although the program is self-paced, we do recommend that you maintain the momentum and complete one teaching each week.

Is there any guarantee?

We are certain you will instantly feel the transformation begin to take form. However, if you are unsatisfied with the program or you feel it isn’t working for you, we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Given the nature of this work, you will get back what you decide to put in. Without your commitment to your own growth, change will not happen. You are the only one that can heal yourself and with the guidance of Nadia, we are certain that your Soul will experience profound growth.

Value Offer

This is an 8 part teaching tool that I have used with tens of thousands of clients one-on-one and in-person events costing up to $14,000 that has drastically changed their lives.

It is the first time ever I have compiled the 17 years of work that I have been doing into a self-paced online learning platform. This gives me the opportunity to offer this teaching to millions more people for an accessible and affordable price!

When I decided to digitize my work I only had two goals:

1. Give millions of people access to this information

2. Maintain the integrity of my work

By investing in this course now, you are making it possible for more of this wisdom to be shared with more people around the world. If we can awaken enough people to the truth of their potential, we will cause a ripple effect that will change an entire civilization.

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