How Does Being True to You Feel

How Does Being True to You Feel

It feels like a huge wall that you thought was there is now invisible and you can see the whole world instead of just your world.
When we are not true to ourselves, everything feels hard, tiring, anxious and love feels like it is a distant memory or only for the future.
True to you is when you can be in the current moments of your life enough to enjoy them and feel them.
So how do you do that?

It happens when we stop waiting for everything to be perfect to be ok.

Or for someone magical to walk into our lives and make it all better.

Or that money, a home, a person, a place, a trip, a job will make you feel any better.

Who you are is who you are.

Who you want to be can only happen if you push the buttons that need your hand to push them.

Once you can see that nothing on the outside is going to organize your insides, your insides start to realize these things:

1. Your feelings need the greatest amount of attention from you.
2. Who you expose your soul to determines what you believe can or cannot happen in your life.
3. What you eat does matter. Just ask your health.
4. Exercise helps you believe in yourself in a way nothing else can say I care enough to care.
5. Keep your surroundings clean and clear. Your mind will reflect this.
6. Offer yourself time to do nothing. That is when everything falls into place in your brain.
7. Remind yourself every time you fall back to old habits that you don’t need them anymore, you now have habits that work with you and not against you.
8. Take a deep breath and then do it again, right before goodnight. As you breathe yourself to sleep only think about what is working in your life and as you exhale let the rest of it go.