Ways to Improve Levels of Joy and Happiness

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Ways to Improve Levels of Joy and Happiness

Most people spend a lot of time and energy on seeking the answer to a single question: What’s the key to happiness? However, the majority of people fail to ever find the right solution, falling short of achieving true happiness or joy. If you are curious about how to be happier, here are some easy steps that you can start incorporating in your life right now.
1. Decide Right Now that Happiness Is a Choice
The first step on your journey to a happier and more joyful life should be deciding right now that whether or not you are happy is your decision. Remind yourself every day, first thing in the morning, that happiness is a choice. The second that you start to think that your happiness is being controlled by someone else, you will lose sight of your goal and objective, and probably be unhappy as a result.
2. Challenge Your Negative Thoughts
A recent wellness guide published by The New York Times suggests challenging your negative thinking as one of the keys to creating a happier life for yourself. Challenging your negative thinking means looking at your situation and your life from a different perspective, and treating yourself in the same kind manner that a friend would. If you are having a negative thought or feeling bad, try asking yourself things such as:

  • What evidence exists for my feeling this way?
  • Are my emotions based on facts?
  • Am I misinterpreting what’s happening?
  • How would I interpret this situation if it happened to someone I care about? Someone I didn’t know?

Sometimes, recognizing that you’re thinking negatively rather than seeing something objectively is a critical part of controlling your own thoughts.
3. Take Care of Your Health
If you aren’t taking care of yourself physically, mentally, or emotionally, you cannot expect your brain and your body to treat you well and feel good, plain and simple. This means that you need to prioritize your health in order to be a happier and more joyous person. If you’re not doing so already, create a healthy eating strategy, exercise on a daily basis, and incorporate activities for your mental health, such as meditation, engaging in your favorite activities, and spending time with friends and family.
4. Make an Effort to Be Positive
You probably already know that positive thinking doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Indeed, many people have to make a conscious effort to be positive and optimistic. If this sounds like you, practice positivity and optimism every day. Do this by taking any situation that you would normally find negative (even something simple such as how terrible the weather outside looks) and viewing it from a different, more positive angle (i.e. it’s cloudy and cold outside, which is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the reading you’ve been wanting to do).
5. Get Help
If happiness feels elusive, getting help may be the next step. Mental health professionals, psychologists, meditation specialists, and life coaches like Nadia may all be able to provide you with the resources and support you need on your path to happiness. To schedule a conversation with Nadia today, contact her online now.